Who is Hively VA?

Hively Virtual Assistant is a freelance virtual assistant agency supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses by handling their administrative tasks that they just don’t have time for. We provide the back-office services your business needs in order to be 100% successful. We are passionate about serving our clients to our greatest potential.

Who is behind Hively VA?

My name is Jennifer Baker and I have spent my entire career building the foundational skills needed to provide you with the professional administrative service your business requires. My career is built upon my college education in Administrative Science and experience working in the public sector for the greater of 15 years. I have served many roles in my professional career, from Executive Administrator to wife and mother in my personal life. I am passionate about family, travel, the outdoors and I’m a dog fanatic (I have 4 dogs that I get to love on while I work!).

Why Choose Hively VA?

Hively VA is passionate about connecting with businesses and helping them find true success. We build the foundation for success through exceptional and reliable administration. I am inspired by entrepreneurs and business owners who turn their dreams into successful realities. I have the skill set to help you and would be honored to work with you to grow your business so you can work less, stress less and enjoy life more!

See how hiring a virtual assistant can be an investment for your business.