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So, Why Do I Need a Virtual Assistant For My Business?

You’re an entrepreneur and you’ve recently started your new business gig.  It’s taken off beyond your expectations; Now that you’ve achieved success, you find yourself swamped with client queries and buried chest deep in the dreaded mundane administrative work: data entry, bookkeeping, loads of paperwork, emails pinging in left and right. You now find that you have zero time to focus on the main operations and corporate decision making of your business – the part you originally began the business doing and love (and let’s not mention the zero personal life you now have).

So what are you to do?  This is where a Virtual Assistant would be very beneficial to you.  Businesses can save up to $11,000 per employee yearly by outsourcing the mundane administrative tasks to a Virtual Assistant [source].

Not only are VA’s economical and make perfect sense financially, but also they can offer professional business-grade services that help you become less stressed, more successfully focused, and give you more time for your personal life.

One of the great reasons to work with a Virtual Assistant is the flexibility they can offer; your new business may need to scale resources up and down based on performance.  Working with a VA is the perfect strategy solution for when the need arises and they are just a phone call or email away from helping you!

You likely have little time for on-boarding staff– a professional VA can effortlessly align with your needs immediately.  Establishing a working relationship with a particular VA can allow you the freedom from time-consuming integration and guarantee you with accurate and consistent results.  VA’s are used to having highly important tasks outsourced to them occasionally.

Virtual Assistants can help your business with the overflow.  From handling data entry and bookkeeping to event planning and calendar management, a VA can get your tasks done without you having the overhead of employee staff. 

Could you use an extra hand to help balance your load?  Reach out and ask me how I can help you!  CONTACT ME!


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