10 Industries That Profit From Using A Virtual Assistant

Trades That Hire Virtual Assistants

With the speed of today’s internet, communications are readily available at our hands: email, chat, voice call, video – all widely available.  Numerous industries today are benefiting from this. The biggest benefactors are those that utilize the virtual assistant industry.  By outsourcing projects to virtual assistants, corporations have discovered a huge savings on their business overhead.  The cost of office space, equipment, and employee benefits are no longer needed.

Virtual assistants are skilled in the specific areas that companies hire them for – no more training!  (win, win!)  Coupled with the evolving technology and available communication platforms, this specific skill set allows the virtual assistant to work with various industries across the globe, which is why corporate conglomerates need and hire them.

Here are the top industries:

Marketing Firms

Marketing firms that focus on strategizing and promoting brands for business corporations need a virtual assistant to help them formulate ideas and handle tasks, such as social media management, content creation, data analytics, and customer support.  A virtual assistant who has a creative talent with excellent use of language would excel greatly here!

Real Estate Agencies

As an ever growing and evolving business, a Real Estate Agent continually relies on broadening their name and reputation in order to acquire the sales they need to bring in revenue. Real Estate Agents have turned to virtual assistants in order to manage the broad scope of marketing and managing clients sufficiently.  REVA as they’re called – a Real Estate Virtual Assistant – can manage social media accounts, post media ads, maintain continual customer support, and fast-track the paper trail from open to close on the sale of a new property.

Law Firms

Attorneys and their firms deal with a plethora of paperwork and client phone calls!  This all can be highly time-consuming.  A legal virtual assistant lessens the workload by handling filing, data entry, reports, email management, calendar management and client communications.

Accounting Firms and Finance Firms

Accounting and Finance are one of the most sought-after industries, which means society needs these services on the regular!  A virtual assistant with a background in this arena is a godsend to most Advisors and CPAs.  From handling bookkeeping, reports, and invoicing to managing the calendars and emails are just a few of the tasks many seek to have taken off their plate! 

Travel Agencies

Similar to the Real Estate Agent, a Travel Agent looks to evolve through the use of marketing themselves.  A virtual assistant skilled in branding and SEO can take a Travel Agent from small to big quickly!  Many Travel Agents hire a virtual assistant to assist them with marketing, customer communications, or travel planning.

Tech Companies

Continuously improving and changing so fast, Tech companies (IT firms as they are sometimes referred to) are increasing rapidly.  Tech companies hire virtual assistants with skills specializing in web design, graphic design, website content creation, coding, and funneling, just to name a few.  Any VA proficient in the use of new platforms and is tech savvy –  a tech guru per se – are highly sought out in this industry.

Online Retail Shops

With the explosion of online sales on the rise, there is a need for retail shops to hire virtual assistants.  As shops increase in customers, revenue and size, virtual assistants skilled in detail and customer service can be hired to handle customer inquiries, returns, the online retail platform, or marketing. 

Call Center Companies

As companies increase in size, they find themselves needing to hire trained individuals to handle client inquires.  Call Centers now hire virtual assistants skilled in communication and excellent verbal and written language skills to work as a Customer Care Representative.  

SEO Agencies

SEO services are a BIG trend these days, and rightly so!  If you want to stand out from the general populace, you need to brand yourself.  Virtual Assistants who are skilled with SEO have hired by SEO Agencies to manage social media accounts and their advertising of each platform (Facebook Ads, Instagram posts, LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest, Twitter).  This includes creating the company’s branding, article content, and website blogs as well.

Recruitment Agencies

In the dog-eat-dog world of today, corporations are seeking individuals with specific qualifications in order to help them niche down so they can stand out.  Recruitment Agencies are using virtual assistants to screen qualified applicants during the selection process. 

The Conclusion

The virtual assistant industry consists of expertly skilled and trained individuals that complete the job efficiently – allowing businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs the benefit of a huge PROFIT – a savings of time, money and stress! 

Are you profiting yet?