Content Marketing: Value = Success

Fact here: I dread marketing…especially content marketing! 

I guess it’s because I don’t have that natural ability to shout out, “Hey World look at this awesome idea that I think you NEED. Click here now or you’ll forever feel regret!”  Don’t get me wrong, if it were that easy, I’d strap my marketing boots up and march on!

Content Marketing – what in the world is it? I literally asked myself this 2 years ago almost exactly! So I attended a marketing seminar.  I never felt more out of my element and I was the ONLY virtual assistant there!  The definitive end result: content marketing equals value.  [Light bulb moment!]  Value…this is exactly what I need!  Foundations are built by values and value builds businesses! 

I’d like to say I ran right out and built those values and became a content guru. Not even close…it would be another year or two!

Starting a business for yourself is no joke; that is, assuming you want to be successful.  Recognizing the importance of marketing and knowing how to market your business is critical to either making the line or breaking the line.  We are now in the day and age where blogging is one of the most useful tools in marketing.  And it’s NOT a one-page wham bam thank you ma’am done!  Nope! With the ever-changing search engine analytics, it’s imperative to blog at a minimum of once a month so that you stand a chance in Google’s ranks! [SEO, Google and I have a love/hate, sometimes utterly volatile relationship]

Content marketing shows an opportunistic idea from a different angle so the recipient sees the value from a perspective they never considered before.  It can be a graphic piece, a webpage, a podcast, video, book, app, or a presentation.  It brings awareness to a problem without an intentional sale. This awareness leads to research, which then leads to comparison, and, finally, to the decisive solution. Bata-Bing-Bata-Boom! This is when you celebrate…but don’t forget, it’s a continual repeated process.

That’s it! It’s all about developing valuable solutions to your targeted audience so you can continue to build your business for success. 

Don’t have time to handle content marketing?  Reach out and ask me how you can automate your content marketing program.  Or drop me a line on how you overcame the marketing jitters and became a marketing genius!  I love hearing everyone’s journey!


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